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May 16 Birthday Compatibility and Love
  1. Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on September 16th
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Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on September 16th

They actively seek out new levels of wisdom, both scientific and spiritual. They are also very independent and enjoy being alone. They think deeply on new matters and gain confidence in their new-found wisdom on a subject, both scientifically and spiritually. They are strong problem-solvers, tirelessly working to find solutions for their problems. They will also help others with the knowledge they possess through their efforts.

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The basic essence of the number 16 is similar to the number 7. The number 16 also contains the core of its individual digits, the numbers 1 and 6. The core value of the number 16 is a combination of the intrinsic meaning of the digit 16 reduces to, the number 7, and the numbers 1 and 6. You are strongly driven to seek out new information and wisdom, specifically for the philosophical and spiritual aspects of life.

You desire to understand the unseen world. You may feel like you are walking a fine balance between the seen and unseen world, leaning more into the spiritual world. However, they genuinely serve their people instead of indulging in chicanery.

The number 7s are normally tall and lean. They have perfect structure and their noses will be curved and long. Their hands and legs will be perfectly proportioned. Some of them have some health defect. Careers related to the sky and water, are highly favorable for the number 7s. They become successful film artists. They will become famous singers, writers, artists, poets and hotel owners. Garment business, petrol, diesel, milk, curd, soda, ice cream, tobacco trading and business are profitable for the number 7s.

Any businesses related to liquids are profitable for them. Promotions get delayed for a number of reasons and the pay will not be satisfactory. The people born under number 7 become famous chefs and caterers. Law and judiciary are good fields for them. Some even shine well in politics. Catching poisonous animals, poison-related businesses work well for them.

Further Insight

Pharmacy business is also favorable. Numerology number 7 are highly intelligent and become great scientists, doctors, and lawyers. Journalism, publishing, photo studio, watch shops, arts like sculpting, painting and dance, radio, TV, phone booth, fax, Xerox, shops are suited for them. If they keep trying and working hard, they can do well in the fields of direction, acting, and film-related careers.

They either strongly support their religion or strongly oppose their religion.

They become famous religious speakers, computer related coaches. Most of them live abroad. Number 7s are ascetic in nature. Hence they are also called as married saints. Their marriages happen late into the years.

The Basic or Core Essence of 16

Their own family will not respect them for their talents. Their married life will not be satisfactory. Most of them will stay away from their family due to work in foreign locations. If they marry persons born on 1, 2, 5 and 6, they will have a happy marriage. Especially the numbers 1 and 2 are well-suited for them. Marrying number 8s bring them bitterness in married life. Marriage with people with birth number 9 brings moderate fortune for them. Somehow, the numerology number 7 do not have a happy marriage.


The Numerology meaning of the 16 birthday

They might face separation and sadness in their life. They also form the best partners for the number 7s. Anxiety and depression take turns to afflict the number 7. If they can avoid blowing up small things and worrying about them, the numerology number 7 will have a great improvement in their mental peace. Indigestion and bile diseases ail them frequently. Constipation, rheumatism and skin diseases affect them. They will easily be affected by dehydration. Hence they should take water-content rich fruits and vegetables in their diet.

Boils and swellings occur frequently. Using mud utensils for cooking their food and making drinks will be best for their health. Moonstone also favors them with luck. Massagate and white Opal bring moderate good fortune. The Tiger Eye gem brings good tidings for the number 7s. The days 2, 11, 20 and 29 are very lucky for them. The days 1, 10, 19 and 28 bring good fortune. The dates which add to 1 or 2 are good for starting or buying nay thing new.

Numerology No.

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  • All the elements of your nature, high spirituality, insight, talents and independence, serve, in fact, as obstacles to serene happiness in personal relationships. No one can hide their true feelings, real intentions from you. And you will never go for a long-term relationship requiring you to compromise on your own ideas. Therefore, your search by the matching criteria is actually doomed to failure. Personal happiness is possible only if you meet someone who you'd want to dedicate yourself to, someone to treat you like you're godsend. What should be added? What would you like to see on this page?

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