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Top 1250+ Astrologers in Chennai

And I got the miracle in 2 and half months. We both excited as well. Thanks for the postive words. Now we got boy baby and we named as Vishvanth. He only named our baby. Thanks No. Good service! Nice place to get astrology service Shree Apartment, No. Her predictions and remedies have done great job. I am recovering out of my back now. Yesterday madam called me and asked why I have given one star rating for her when I am happy with her predictions.

I told madam that I am very happy with her predictions as her predictions have all come true for me and I am regularly consulting her and will consult her in future also. I declare here that the previous review posted in my name is not by me and some one is playing mischief. I request sulekha to look into it. Moreover Parameshwari's horoscope consultation fees is reasonable and not very high as mentioned by the fellow. I don't know why he is using my name in spoiling astrologer Parameshwari's name. I am very happy with her predictions. Fees also very high. You can take the help of the astrologer to deal with these situations.

Astrologers are the individuals who know to study and understand the position of the planets. They can suggest you the solutions for reducing the ill effect of the planets on your life. At Sulekha, we connect to you more than one thousand two hundred twenty verified and famous Astrologers in Chennai. Based on your requirements, you can fill the above form with the required services. The top astrologers from your area would contact you shorter with their price quotes. You can discuss the services over the phone and then choose the one for the consultation.

FAQ Q. What types of consultations can I expect from the Astrologers in Chennai? The top astrologists in Chennai provide consultation to their clients based upon their issues as well as the form of the astrology they are comfortable with.

AstroTalk - Free Online Astrology Predictions by Best Astrologers

You can take the advice from the famous astrology and improve your life through astrological solutions. Why do I need astrology predictions? Sometimes, individuals doubt in their mind, and they do not know the right path. In that case, an experienced astrologer can provide a solution and show you the right pathway towards the bright future.

Astrologers study the horoscope and provide the predictions of future events. Therefore, it becomes easy for the individuals to decide which line is suitable for them. For example, a student might seek the advice of an astrologist to know which path is the best for his educational career.

Which are essential things I need to consider before hiring astrological services? To get the right consultation, it is essential to find a genuine and knowledgeable astrologer. An experienced astrologer can help you in getting the correct prediction for your bright future. If you wish to consult an astrologist for astrology online, do not forget to pay attention to the following factors. Relevant experience of the astrologer Consultation charges of the astrologer Reviews as well as ratings of the previous clients Types of services offered by the astrologer Consultation time for each client Kind of astrology forms practiced by astrologer Q.

How much do astrologists in Chennai charge for the marriage prediction astrology? Kaaladanda Mrityu Tamil Riddles We have collected more than riddles in Tamil to exercise your brain. With Jayaram, Mukesh, Parvathi, Thilakan. If a Tamil About us. His religious, motivational and philosophical speeches are famous among Tamil Hindus. Tamil Nadu. How unique is the name Yogam? Out of 5,, records in the U. Since two benefices are involved here i. There are many people saying that they are teaching Vaasi Yogam but find out the right The human life when it begins to take form in the womb of the mother it is a fascinating blend of ninety-six 96 principles , 72, nerves and indirectly functioning varma point otherwise known as Nerve Centers or Nerve junctions, These nerve junctions are life giving points to individual organs of the human body without which the organs cannot function at all which is in turn a free new school home county online lyrics download video car city sale texas music de pictures florida hotel real state sex high mp3 center uk california movie Vendhar tv Shows, Yogam Nalla Yogam.

As for the process of doing it, it should be learnt directly from a teacher who has already learnt it from a master. Initially I could not accept the possibility that Bogar was Lao Tzu. This yog a is formed in the birth-chart when Jupiter is in Kendra, i. Makes an excellent gift for the occasion of house warming, business gifts, welcome gifts and festivals etc. Check back later. Subsequently All tamil yogams are not suitable for all activities. A blog Devoted to research in Tamil Astrology.

The SNDP is a charitable society working for the spiritual and educational upliftment of the Ezhava community for the past years. It is not breathing through the nostrills. Pithru dosham creates variety of problems in the life, depending upon the factors and the extent of this dosham. They are. Jaaram and Mukesh play two friends and the movie shows the burden of carrying their family , and marriage for their sisters coming from a poor family.

Vendhar tv Program Raasi Palan 16th July Your name of Yogam has given you depth of mind and a studious, philosophical nature. In Vasi yogam we lose our prana vaivu. So here Saturn can get Sasa Yoga status and will transfer the effects or the results of this yogam to the native.

Vendhar tv Program Raasi Palan 02nd June Friday, May 5, All India Radio Trichy - You are interested in the deeper aspects of life and invariably are attracted to mystery, the occult, and religious concepts. Yogam nalla yogam Tamil Song Lyrics in English. Everyday has a yogam; some yogams are not good and some, very good. Yogam, Zagreb, Croatia. Your general features, tendencies, mindset and behavior can be known by analysing these five parameters. Pithru means your paternal elders of the family, who are no more. Any student of Taoist Yoga is shocked by the similarity of its techniques to those of the Tamil siddhars.

Felt the positive vibrance and really had the comfort feel. His guidance and approach are extremely ultimate. Thanks a lot uncle, I really felt energized and rejuvenated. His guidance and approach is ultimate. Hi, I am Aishwarya from Chennai. I got an opportunity to meet Sundar Narayanan Sir recently. He is an extremely helpful, knowledgeable and kind person. He guides us to solve the root cause of problem and suggests very simple and easy Pariharams. He is not at all money minded and is very friendly and approachable.

I thank God for giving us an opportunity to take his guidance and showing us the way forward. Godwillguide 28 Mar His vibe etc is positive but he was quite busy and pre-occupied when my mother had visited him. He closed the session with my mother in a matter of 10 minutes or so and to that extent even the reading was done at a high level. Of course he also did not take much money. Even getting appointment from his assistant was not easy.

Sukanya Kannappan 12 Mar Sir provide me appointment for me as I cant afford to pay consulting charges. I want to meet u. As I can see many positive reviews for ur consultation morever u r not money minded. Pls provide appointment for me. I hope I ll get appointment. After seeing my review I ll get reply. Listens and explains patiently to all doubts and queries. What also impressed me was his punctuality. Was 10 minutes ahead in his office.

Started his consultation on time after finishing his morning puja. Also asked us to get back to him if we needed further clarifications unlike several others who demand payment for every question. The office is small and neat with positive vibrations and without unnecessary trappings other astrologers use to impress clients.

Dinakaran Rengachary 03 Mar The best astrologer and he has the best personality. He makes you feel comfortable like you are talking to your friend and he gives the best solutions. He doesn't mix words and gives the advice straight. Not money minded. I highly recommend everyone in need to meet this person at least once to experience the positivity. Prabhakaran Km 13 Feb With all due respect, I had worst experience interacting with Mr. S Sundar. During our India visit few months back I and one of my Indian friend wanted to consult few things with Mr.

We called him on the mentioned contact number and one of his aide made us to speak over the call with Mr. We asked the logic behind it and he said Astrological things can be explained in Tamil language only. It was really sad and disturbing hearing this from Mr. India is a great country and it has people who speak different languages. God Bless Mr. Sundar and save India from these kind of people.

Kenneth Tucker 08 Feb I am from abroad. Consulted him during the last week of Dec to discuss about an important career decision that I had to take. He provided me with some remedy but it did not work. Extremely disappointed by his response. Wanted to consult him again. Waited for more than a month but Sundar Narayanan Sir doesn't seem to have time at all. I came to know sir through Google and contacted sir and took his appointment and met sir during Feb - March and from then onwards I am following Sundar sirs prediction till date.

His predictions are crystal clear and accurate and he has vast knowledge in the field of Astrology. He gives simple and powerful remedies by asking me to visit few temples and it is really a wonderful experience after the temple visits. I am really lucky to have contacted Mr Sundar sir because only he was very much positive and accurate in analysing my horoscope.

It is really a wonderful experience meeting Sriman Sundar Narayanan who is not only an expertise in future predictions but also a very down to earth personality. The way he treats a client is simply great. Conversing with a person like him made us feel as if discussing with a sibling. Though initially i was a bit skeptical as how the session goes and to my surprise i never wanted to end up with him.

Yogam Nalla Yogam 09-11-12222 Vendhar tv Show

He builds concrete confidence, alleviates all our hesitations about astrology with a positive approach and finally makes us leave the divine place with atmost peace and contented heart. He strongly creates an impression of a friend, philosopher and guide whoever visits him. Hence people can definitely trust and ingress with confidence for a fruitful future. All the very best sir.

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Rajagopal E K 26 Nov Glad that we happened to meet Mr Sundar, gem of a person.. Such a genuine courteous honest astro professional we've ever met whose primary motive is serving people rather than earning money I highly recommend everyone in need to meet this person atleast once to experience the positivity As well, I wish Mr Sundar all the very best for all his future endeavours and to keep up the good work As per my previous experience and perception Sundar is one of the best astrologer in Chennai.

He is such a down to earth person with adequate knowledge in his profession. He is certainly not money minded. He is very polite and generous, he understands your question and answer them precisely. I would strongly recommend Sundar to be consulted for any astrology related queries.

Thank you. Murali Nambiar 23 Nov After having discussion with him I got many good information regarding my issues. All that information helped me to get some relief for my issues. Periodically I am having consultation with him. Hope all clients will have the same opinion. Thanks to Sri Sundar NarayananG. Easily one of the best astrologer in town. Calm, composed and clearly explains what is required. Provides remedial measures if needed. We could feel such a positive vibe and energy, just by visiting his place.

Also he is easily approachable.